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DJIN Microfiber

Comfortable, functional, lightweight

Easily the best backpack I've ever purchased.

Best minimalist backpack

Well design and executed. Bought two instead and get complement everywhere! Perfect for escooter.

Greatest backpack for daily use

Enough capacity for my 12.1″ laptop, FLSK bottle (500ml), and some small items. Easy access for pockets and spaces and items inside them. Feel very light on my shoulders.

JAY Kodra - Sale



The bag volume is quite large. Not as it seems outside

Good bye Lio~

Lio is perfect compact bag for black suits. I am sorry that Lio is leaving!

So worth the wait! Ideal for travel

The contoured fit on my back makes sure that it is not listing side to side when I hurriedly march across the concourse to get to my flight, and the water bottle stretch pockets on each side help me get the hydration I need for endurance. Easily fits under a seat as a personal item.

Djin leather

The wallet is perfect but I fell there is potential for more.
I think that once opened, the TOP could have a slim pocket for cash so you won’t have to stuff your cash with the cards

great bag!

I love it. Using it everyday and enjoying its features.

JAY Kodra
From Joey to Jay

I recently bit the bullet and bought the Jay backpack and sold my Joey, after using it for two years. I must say I like it even more than I did my Joey! The Joey was too big for my needs, but I can imagine the Jay will be too small for some people. Very accurate description and photo’s on the website. Thanks a lot for making another great product!

DJIN Leather


Awesome backpack

It is the most smartly designed backpack ever.

Purchased it as a gift and the bf loved it!

Fast shipping. Great product. Recipient loved the bag!

Great Product

I have one and purchased another as a gift

JAY Kodra - Sale

JAY Kodra - Sale

Absolutely loving it.

It's been a few weeks now that I've used my Jay backpack, and it's soooo comfortable. It really feels like a quality product. Super easy to access my smaller items (phone, wallet) via the little pockets on the sides, and the flip-top magnetic cover feels secure even when taking the metros of Paris, which are full of pickpockets.

It's rather on the small side, but that's fine with me since it makes me limit how much stuff I carry.

Overall, super satisfied. Recommended for anyone into both clean style and ergonomics!

My wife is happy - thank you guys!

I've bought this backpack for my wife, and she likes it a lot! She uses it daily, and Jay's capacity is just enough. Jacket, water, lunch, power bank and what not - everything is accessible.

The most important part - Jay is very comfortable to wear. Due to the special design, my wife can carry it for hours, literally.

I wish it would be possible to remove the internal laptop section - when there is no laptop this padding just eats some space. It's a minor thing, just for you to consider.

Other than that - guys, it's the best backpack we've ever seen! Accessibility and comfort - beyond any expectations.


The backpack is well-made and sturdy. It doesn’t feel heavy on your back at all and I usually walk for about 50 mins each day continuously carrying the backpack. I do wish it held more, or perhaps I should’ve gotten the bigger version. It is quite tight when I pack everything I need for the day in. The good thing is that it is still comfortable when on the back.


Good protection of my back

Awesome backpack

This is exactly what I wanted in a backpack. Quality made backpack ideal for my daily use. I love it. This will be my everyday go to backpack - until I am able to upgrade to the 'Joey' for my adventure/travel backpack.

Great bag, slight issue but koala her support is fantastic

The back pack is okay when received there was some issue in had concerns with regarding the craftsmanship is the bag. Customer support was superb, answered all my questions and provided a solution as well. Great products are only as good as their support, service. Koala gear support delivers in both aspects. I will be purchasing a Joey backpack again soon. First one was a gift and I absolutely adore it other than the slight rip that was on the power mesh. Which was already there when I received it as a gift. I tend to gravitate more towards the Joey bag vs the Jay backpack simply because is the size factor and the carrying capabilities. I also find the mesh on the Joey backpack to be more accommodating because is the larger size. Jay is great for those days you do not want to carry too much. The brace on the Jay does not also feel as ridged as the Joey version. Over both, great products! Will be looking for future upgrades and hopefully they provide repair services and support in the near future.