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Lots of space and lightweight!

Really really high quality backpack.

Love it.

I don't leave the house without it.

Love this!

Coolest and most stylish bag ever!!

Best wallet EVER!

Love this wallet and all of it's features. Thanks Koala-Gear for a great product once again! - Bought five of them ;)

Great functional ideas!!!

It is better for me that the corners were little more rounded.

Happy with my purchase

The most simplistic wallet I've ever owned. Best of all, there isn't an obvious bulk seen when I place it in my pocket. Up to this day, I'm still using it!

Best Backpack Ever

I've had this backpack for almost two years and it has been the best backpack I have ever owned!

DJIN Leather / SweatCoin Discount
Djin Review

It is a great wallet and does everything I need it to do, the one thing I would change is the fact that keys and coins rattle when I walk.

good product

easy to use. works as described

Big wallet thinking In a modern world

In a world where cards are used more than cash the wallet is bigger than most, without the bulk.
It is perfect for everyday use or for travel. I highly recommend it as your next wallet.

Great wallet

I rarely carry any cash anymore and this wallet holds everything I need with space to spare and looking through for a card is easy

DJIN Microfiber

DJIN Microfiber

DJIN Leather

Nice backpack

Seems to be exactly as I expected it to be. Really nice!

DJIN Leather
Great product

I’m very pleased with this wallet. Thanks

Great Case!

I love the case I got, I don’t pay in cash so the case is perfect for my cards. I highly recommend the case.

Very good

Joey - Black Microfiber

Great backpack ! Using it for university. Very compact and enough space in it. I recommend it.

Joey Backpack

It's a very sleek designed backpack. You can't put anything that's too bulky like a sweater.



Great product


Gary wallet.

Very good. Fit good in front pocket. Great.

JOEY – Black Microfiber

I am using JOEY everyday!

I can't use other back pack any more.
Very functional, beautiful, and fun. Thank you!!

Talk of the table

I frequently get positive comments on how small and cool the wallet is. It’s functional, and holds cash and cards.
However, I find that if I try to squeeze in too many cards, the metal edge that holds the cards in tend to scrape the cards, leaving my credit cards pretty scratched up.
Point to note, don’t carry more Thant eh recommended no of cards.

Overall great product.