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JAY Leather

JAY Leather

הארנק הכי טוב שיש

הארנק הכי נוח יעיל ויפה שאי פעם היה לי.
יש מקום לכל מה שצריך בצורה מדויקת.
השירות היה מדהים

Great Bag

Had the bag for about a month and at this point it seems durable and well thought out. Heaps of pockets for your gear and convenient pockets for while you have the bag over one shoulder to get to your wallet or whatever. It is a good size day bag but unfortunately that is it there really is not enough room in the bag for many clothes so not really an overnight bag but as a day bag it is great.


The best cardholder


I really like the djin as it’s slim and funktional as well as good looking :-)

DJIN Microfiber (Simply the Best)

I have purchased 2 Microfiber & 2 Leather actually as I need to travel between countries. I think they have the best design for compact wallet combining security (totally enclosed & RFID safe), ease of organizing the cards & money, and the compartments for keys, coins & tiny items!!

Best wallet ever

I'm in love with this wallet after more than one year using it, it's still my favourite one.

I can get with me credit card, Id card, visit card, cash and usb pen

Love it

DJIN Leather x 2 (Best Design for Compact Wallet)

Purchase 2 of the DJIN leather and one was breaking up on the longer edge of near the corner area. After I reported to Koala-Gear, they offered to send me a new one for free; and I do appreciate their offer. I have also purchase DJIN microfiber x 2 now and I have no problem with them so far. I purchased many of them because I think they have the best design for compact wallet combining security (totally enclosed & RFID safe), ease of organizing the cards & money, and the compartments for keys, coins & tiny items!!

DJIN Leather
Great concept

The wallet is a really innovative design. It’s small and sleek. It’s holds plenty of cards and the change slot is a great feature so the wallet doesn’t ever bulk up or deform. The only suggestion is on the top part of the wallet some kind of money strap or pocket to slip cash In and out more easily. It’s a little inconvenient folding cash and sliding it into the where the cards are. Would definitely recommend.

DJIN Leather
I like it.

My only complaint is that you cannot hold more cards. Otherwise, I am satisfied.

Nice design! Love the material

excelent product


Game changer

This wallet saves so much space. I can actually put my wallet in my pocket. Crazy. Despite this, it is designed in a way that doesn’t make it a hassle to access things.

The only improvement I would make, would be to make the bottom half of the clamshell design deeper than the top half, rather than the other way around as it is. This would make it so I could open it easier as it rests in the palm.

Seriously so happy with this wallet though. I’m never going back, and I suspect I will have this wallet for years and years.

DJIN Microfiber-Limited stock
Best Wallet I Ever Had

This is my second DJIN. The first one which I had for over 2 years was destroyed by my dog. Couldn't wait to replace it. I contacted Koala-Gear who helped me get one. I don't think I can ever use another wallet.

Stupid, but I like to pay now

I like the Djin Wallet. The microfiber material is very nice, feels good in the hands and doesn't get dirty or see fingerprints.
As I pay with a card is easy to get it out, is safety with the blocker card on top. For the coin of the shopping venture and 2-3 EUR coins you have place too, the notes i put between the cards, is easy to fold.

DJIN Leather


Compact and lightweight, very happy with it.

Had issues with tracking, but that's hardly Koala-Gears fault.

best city/day pack ever

I bought jay through the kickstarter campaign and haven't looked back since. It has to be the most practical city pack for outings with computer, running errands, dropping things off, buying small items, just having your bike gear with you without even so much as a thought ...
the inside compartments makes arranging things easy, it protects an A4 envelope beautifully if needs be, the lid is super fast and safe, it's water resistant even in northern German weather, the pack is sturdy and doesn't cling to your back, and the outside stretch pockets are just brilliant for bike gear, your glasses, a small bottle - things your need with a flick of a wrist ... not to forget the hidden pouch for you purse or passport or so.
it really is one of the most thought-out, incredibly well-made and sturdy products I am using. I cannot recommend this thing enough.

JAY Kodra

DJIN Leather


It's always in my pocket


I love this.

Very nice!

I am always with it. It always sticks to me like a gum shell. I can't pull it off!


We love it


I like the wallet a lot. It took me a bit of time to get used to it, but it's quite smooth and easy to use. I stopped using the RFID security card, because i couldn't fit all my cards (but this might be specific issue to me since i'm an expat and have carry multiple currency cards/permit etc).

In all, love this wallet! Would gift to my friends and family :D