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JAY Kodra
B.S. (Portland, US)
everything a backpack should be

We bought this from the kickstarter and it has set the bar high for any future backpacks. I originally bought it for my fiance, and then bought the Joey for myself. Unfortunately the Joey came after our international trips, but we've used the Jay for almost five years now, including on travel. It's also been used as a daily backpack as both a student and a working professional. There's some marks on the surface, but considering how much this bag has gone through, it looks great. The comfort on this thing, from the molded back to the padded straps. Plus the pockets..the pockets! I love all of the functionality and how well thought out everything is, from the location of the pockets, to the way everything closes, and the sleek look. The secure lock opening is amazingly simple once you understand how it works, and I love that I never need to double check if my bag is closed. And the easy access side pockets are incredible. I can't say enough things about how amazing this bag is. And I never write reviews. Every other bag pales in comparison.

LIO Backpack
guy ben noon (Tel Aviv, IL)


LIO Crossbag
Valentina Peikova (Kiryat Ono, IL)

LIO Crossbag

JAY Kodra
Eran Shalev (Tel Aviv, IL)
Fully meets expectations

While not huge, the bag provides enough space for everything i need with me for the office.
The bag is very comfortable , despite my larger frame.
Very sturdy build, and definitely unique looking.
Get many compliments on the bag, and people asking where to get it.

DJIN Leather
Benjamin Pasternak (Richmond, US)

Great Walllet

DJIN Leather
Hyen Ho Song (Hwaseong-si, KR)

I liked it when I first encountered it in Korea through funding, but I couldn't find a place to purchase it, so I bought it through international mail.
It is the best item for me as I carry my credit card, point card, and ID card every day.

DJIN Leather
Patrick Leahy (Omaha, US)
The small wallet is perfect

The Koala Gear small wallet is perfect,
It has room for all the essential cards, electronically protected has a place for cash. Bottom line it’s one of the most compact, best looking, modern wallets there is on the market!

JOEY – Black Microfiber
Sony Djuana (Singapore, SG)
Best backpack I ever use

Not all backpacks created the same, this Joey backpack is exceptional, from the functionality, comfortability to the quality is better than any other.
Been use it since the day I received it from the Kickstarter era. The amount of weight I put inside is massive (averagely around 10+kg), I think I put too much stress on it, but it keeps on going since. I will purchase again should my Joey broke down on me.
I have the smaller version as well (Jay) for my daughter and also the Lio!

LIO Backpack
Kobi B (Tel Aviv, IL)
Lio is great!

I already have Joey and Jay backpacks, and Lio is even better for my day-to-day use.

DJIN Leather
alan ogle (Westminster, US)

Love this wallet! It’s different from anything else and unique.

DJIN Leather
Egi Takahiko (Yokohama, JP)

DJIN Leather

JOEY – Black Microfiber
Qamar Hussain (Leighton Buzzard, GB)
I love my backpack

I think I am officially the last customer to purchase the LAST EVER Joey Microfibre backpack.

I've been using this backpack for almost 4 months. It's convenient, spacious, has many useful pockets and hidden pockets. I use it primarily for my everyday use in an Urban setting. The build quality is amazing. Its sturdy and stiff yet designed in a way that it doesn't hurt your back after long use.

It looks good and feels great. The materials used add to the stylishness and premium quality feel.

The only think I wish it would have is probably couple more mesh pockets inside and maybe a little bit more capacity. But those things aside, after 4 years searching for the perfect backpack for myself, I have to say it was well worth the wait and find.

I really hope you have more backpack products that you will launch in the future.

DJIN Microfiber
fred rumeu (Monaco, MC)

It’s my 2nd djin
And I don’t want to change to another

JAY Leather
Du-Ming B. Myers II (Chino Hills, US)

JAY Leather

DJIN Microfiber
Noam Mayerfeld (Tel Aviv, IL)
הארנק הכי טוב שיש

הארנק הכי נוח יעיל ויפה שאי פעם היה לי.
יש מקום לכל מה שצריך בצורה מדויקת.
השירות היה מדהים

JAY Kodra
Daniel Blonk (Melbourne, AU)
Great Bag

Had the bag for about a month and at this point it seems durable and well thought out. Heaps of pockets for your gear and convenient pockets for while you have the bag over one shoulder to get to your wallet or whatever. It is a good size day bag but unfortunately that is it there really is not enough room in the bag for many clothes so not really an overnight bag but as a day bag it is great.

DJIN Leather
Ard (Tallinn, EE)

The best cardholder

DJIN Microfiber
Gabriel Bergmann

I really like the djin as it’s slim and funktional as well as good looking :-)

DJIN Microfiber
Anthony Y
DJIN Microfiber (Simply the Best)

I have purchased 2 Microfiber & 2 Leather actually as I need to travel between countries. I think they have the best design for compact wallet combining security (totally enclosed & RFID safe), ease of organizing the cards & money, and the compartments for keys, coins & tiny items!!

DJIN Leather
Oscar Rugama (Madrid, ES)
Best wallet ever

I'm in love with this wallet after more than one year using it, it's still my favourite one.

I can get with me credit card, Id card, visit card, cash and usb pen

Love it

DJIN Leather
Anthony Y (Ngau Tau Kok, HK)
DJIN Leather x 2 (Best Design for Compact Wallet)

Purchase 2 of the DJIN leather and one was breaking up on the longer edge of near the corner area. After I reported to Koala-Gear, they offered to send me a new one for free; and I do appreciate their offer. I have also purchase DJIN microfiber x 2 now and I have no problem with them so far. I purchased many of them because I think they have the best design for compact wallet combining security (totally enclosed & RFID safe), ease of organizing the cards & money, and the compartments for keys, coins & tiny items!!

DJIN Leather
Anonymous (East Brunswick, US)
Great concept

The wallet is a really innovative design. It’s small and sleek. It’s holds plenty of cards and the change slot is a great feature so the wallet doesn’t ever bulk up or deform. The only suggestion is on the top part of the wallet some kind of money strap or pocket to slip cash In and out more easily. It’s a little inconvenient folding cash and sliding it into the where the cards are. Would definitely recommend.

DJIN Leather
Anonymous (Trenton, US)
I like it.

My only complaint is that you cannot hold more cards. Otherwise, I am satisfied.

LIO Crossbag
Dawn Ng (Singapore, SG)

Nice design! Love the material

DJIN Microfiber
excelent product