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Great one Koala Gear

This bag pack is very comfortable to wear. It really aids your back and posture when carrying heavy things. The waist strap and chest straps are good when you need them but because they are hidden/detachable, your Jay still looks sleek. Also love the minimalist and sleek design that you can carry to work, school or any occasion. I wish: (i) it has more pockets (mesh or otherwise) to organize stuff; and (ii) the key leash can be retractable. The two exterior mesh pockets are good. I have slipped in pocket tissues and other flimsy items into them and they don’t seem to fallen out so far.

Worth the price

Yep, it's definitely worth the prices, including import fees. Koala Gear thought this out, through and through. Materials are durable and tough, design is remakrable (expecially for going through security areas).

Buy. This. Backpack.

Really nice

Good protection of my back. Better to have a larger version.


Just got my JAY and I must say, I’m beyond impressed! I love the thought and care you put into the accessibility features! They just make sense, you know? The JAY is absolutely perfect and was definitely worth the wait. Thank you!

Great product

I funded this during their Kickstarter. And since I received my wallet I've never looked back. (Putting bills in can be annoying, but I use apple pay most of the time anyway). It's a conversation starter, it's comfortable. and I love that I can have keys inside of it comfortably.

Awesome bag!!!

Just got it after a long wait.
I am in love!!! Wow!!
Brilliant bag!!
Thanks so much

Great gift for my husband.

He loved it. A bit of a learning curve setting it up but it is crazy functional. And he uses the underneath part to include more (US) bills, folded in half vertically, then horizontally and just tucks them in underneath. Bonus. He finally cleaned out all the junk in his wallet. I'd say it's a win all around.

I just got my JAY.

I never do this, but I had to write you an email.
This is by far the best bag I've ever had. And I've had a lot.
The accessible pockets, the weight distribution, all of the features- all are amazing.

Thanks a lot!


Joey is now my edc for around town. Simple aesthetics, good organisation and carries very comfortably. The roll-top expansion is perfect for grocery runs on the way home from work. Only minor complaint is the zip can be tricky to operate on the fly, it needs two hands to get it round the "corners". Overall, really happy with it. Just hope Koala make a bigger version, maybe a 32 litre full on roll-top...?

Such an amazing product

Easy transition from a "traditional" wallet.
Very comfortable and efficient, great product!


By far the best backpack I've ever purchased. Good design and super comfortable to carry. Had been using for over a year now. Sturdy backpack. However a little difficulty clipping on when there isn't much stuff in the bag.

It is an awesome product

It hold upto 12 of my cards. I wish it could take more. But I am happy with what it delivers.

Very pleased

This is my fourth compact wallet and the best by far yet! Thank you. :-)

Best backpack ever

I recently bought Joey - Microfiber and I am cert happy with it. I went to Paris (from Sweden) for a long weekend and Joey was the only bag I brought with me. Super comfortable to carry even though it was absolutely full. The only downside is that the zippers is a little bit hard to close sometimes, specially if the bag is full of stuff.

My favorite wallet.

The size, the shape, the function, there are perfect.


Still use it.
Great one

NICE AND COOL, JUST ONLY missing storage for couple of notes or coins

Best ever !

Never have I had such an efficient and sophisticated system for all my cards and money. Great!!

Great product

Great product, love it.
At first, I recieved a faulty product but the customer service sent me a brand new one at light speed.

Fit all cards and cash I need in a small form factor

The DJIN always catch others' attention whenever I take it out. People are amazed at how many cards and cash can be fit in such a small form factor. One thing I think it can be improved is to add some sponge into the coin compartment to damp the tinkling sound of the coins as you move around.

Very satisfied

Compact, convenient wallet with reasonable price. Only problem is if it holds too much coin, the coin will stuck inside.

DJIN Microfiber

DJIN Leather


DJIN Microfiber