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DJIN Leather

DJIN Leather

DJIN Leather

Joey Koala Gear

This bag is really durable and convenient.
He followed me, the to past years as a daily pack.
All the pockets everywhere are really satisfying after you know them all ;)

All I could ever ask for in a wallet

Compact, and with coin compartment where they slide out for easy use! Notes and cards are easy to store, looks neat and still easily accessible! (with a little creativity, I added my own charm to personalise my Djin) ;) I'm very happy with this wallet

Well built wallet with one-of-a-kind design

A unique design with thoughtful functions, slim enough to be EDC. I especially like the ability to carry a few coins with it, provided that the wallet is really slim and compact.

DJIN Leather

JOEY – Black Microfiber


Working very well more than a year after purchase. It's my daily wallet!

400 + days.

In response to your email, my review.
The Djin Microfibre still looks new. Everything works flawlessy, and is in everyday use and carried everywhere,
Zero complaints.

sleek bag

really love the modern look of this bag and its design. Even though it is bit smaller than I like, it is so different that I have kept it. I only carry the essentials and this bad does it admirably.

All in one convenient package!

I've been using the DJIN for about a month now. Transferring my cards in was easy, aside from my local currency being inconvenient to folding. I am loving this wallet. My Cards Slide in and out super easy for Tap and it I love the small size. It fits perfectly in my pocket.

Very good product

I am very pleased with the product. It is very high quality. Useful, convenient, very small and hardly takes up space in the pocket. I bought two more of these product as a present.

DJIN Microfiber

DJIN Microfiber

Great product!

Once I received my Djin, I was amazed at how small it was. I was worried it wouldn’t hold all my cards, cash, and extras, but it was no trouble at all. I highly recommend.

Great compact design

Great compact design and very user friendly. Only downside is that when I carry coins, it jiggles... a lot... No sneaking around!

Great for traveling!

I've been using DJINN for more than a year now. It's very durable and especially useful when travelling for storing all these extra cards, banknotes, coins, stamps, SIM cards etc.

Light to feel backpack

As title, the back pack feel light on the shoulder because of weight distribution to the waist. I used the backpack for city tours and carry few kg of jacket and drink. And after hours of backpacking no problem on my shoulder and no sweat on the back.
Awesome backpack!!

Best wallet ever

So happy with this wallet, compact, sleek and practical - i highly recommend

Perfect for me

The things i like moth about this backpack are the extension, which I use at least 3 times a week, and the stowable straps. This lets me use this backpack as a daily driver and also for situations in which I need to carry more, like grocery shopping after work.

The most comfortable and beautiful wallet

DJIN is the most comfortable and fun wallet I've had so far.
Minimalist, beautiful, organized and unique.
All that needs to go in and is not as noticeable as the old wallets.
Highly recommend.

DJIN Leather

DJIN Leather

Great product

Must have with the bag. Good Quality