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I bought it on the kickstarter campian, And then I bought two more. they're amazing.

La cartera ideal.

Características de la cartera ideal y diseño que la mayoría de las otras carteras añade su propósito, al parecer es lograr guardar tanto como sea posible dentro de una cartera que apenas pueda sentirse en el bolsillo del pantalón... Gracias Koala-Gear


1 x LIO Backpack (15"), Central/Eastern Europe

The LIO backpack (15") is amazingly good for daily commute in the city.

It has the perfect size to carry everything essential - 15" MacBook, its charger, two phone charging cables with A/C adapter, a USB hub with cable, DJIN, passport, smartphone, tissues papers, reusable bags for additional storage and a very thin lunch box or tablet optionally (both might be too much, haven't tried yet).
I love using the organizer, I think it could allow for even more stuff to carry, haven't tried playing with the space too much yet.

The minimalist and inventive design makes it the first backpack I'm genuinely proud to carry and the thin style makes it much easier to navigate around crowded places like rush hour buses or stations, let it rest on my shoulders or be carried in one hand.

I was a little bit worried about the LIO backpack not having a cross holder for carrying it by hand, but the shoulder straps have a surprisingly good grip - even though they look/feel slippery at first glance, grabbing and holding them tight is fine - and as a minimalist backpack it generally carries less weight so the experience is OK for me.

DJIN Leather

Djin Leather&Microfiber Wallet,because I bought it both

I love the product!
Exactly that's what I was looking for to change my old thick wallet.First order out of leather on the day of delivery I ordered my son carbonfiber. We only keep our cards in it and some cash under the cards, there is enough space for folded 50,10.5€.Coins keep in my pocket if needed. Very easy to use I learned in seconds. I am very pleased, it was a good bet.Worth it..!
Thanks Koala


Optimal size for daily use, well thought out. Great backpack indeed!

Very useful thing!

It's small, simple and enough. Enough - that's the point.
Very like it.

The quality is good. But on going the price point could reduce

DJIN Microfiber

Worth it!

Worth every penny!


Perfect For school days. Fits in the basics. Wallet, esp. If you have DJIN 🤩, papers chargers. And looks amazing, already got so many compliments on it.☺️☺️

Best backpack

Good quality from good materials! Will use it every day and everywhere) Really good for traveling!

Excellent DJIN Leather

Excellent product and services

Perfect fit

The LIO backpack fullfill all the described features and is usable for my cases.

Easy to use and very good

Very easy to use with just the right size for yourself.
The cover doesn't lock, but it doesn't open without permission, the lid is made correctly, and there are no objects inside.
The lid is tightly closed, but it is very easy to open.
That was a good purchase
If possible, I would like to sell it in 2 different sizes and 2 inches wide.
The design is the best I have ever bought. This size is the best for me.

I love this backpack

This is absolutely the best backpack I’ve ever had! Although it may be missing some of the outside pockets found in many popular backpacks, this one is unique in that it doesn’t have those things! Every time I wear it I get compliments and people asking what brand the backpack is! It attracts attention where ever I go! I love it so much I just bought a second one to be on standby if the first ever wears out! It’s still in the box as a matter of factAnd I can’t wait to break it out whenever it’s needed! Absolutely love the gear and wish there were even more of these edgy styles that your organization made


Very comfortable , very good quality , it took me a couple of days to get used to it's concept and now i can't imagine using something else

Sleek and convenient

Love the minimalist design that does not compromise on functionality. Great product!

JAY Kodra

Sturdy and Comfortable.

It's a pretty sturdy and comfortable backpack. I like it!

DJIN Microfiber

Comfortable, functional, lightweight

Easily the best backpack I've ever purchased.

Best minimalist backpack

Well design and executed. Bought two instead and get complement everywhere! Perfect for escooter.

Greatest backpack for daily use

Enough capacity for my 12.1″ laptop, FLSK bottle (500ml), and some small items. Easy access for pockets and spaces and items inside them. Feel very light on my shoulders.